Is slow software delivery keeping you up at night?

  • You’re the manager of a .NET Software Project team. You have a software team with a deadline, and you’re not sure why the pace of software delivery seems slower than you’re expecting
  • Stakeholders need changes made to the system and because of decisions made early in the project, the system is harder to change than you need it to be
  • Your stakeholders ask you when they’ll be able to give feedback on features, and you have to tell them “Soon”, instead of “Right now”
  • Your team fights bugs that crop up as deadlines get closer, and deadlines are in jeopardy
  • For you, “Code Freeze” is a phrase you know all to well as the most viable way to de-risk delivery of your software project, to not let bugs get in too close to the release date
It doesn’t have to be this way.

You should be able to make changes to the system when you need to, without worrying about bugs cropping up.

You should be able to show stakeholders progress within the first sprint and show progress you can demonstrate every sprint. No more "We did a lot of backend work, but have nothing to show".

You should be able to have the confidence in software delivery that you're building what your stakeholders need and asked for.

The week before the project deadline shouldn't need to hectic. For you and your team, it should be like any other week.

Software Development as we practice it is fundamentally broken. It relies too much on the individual skill of the developer and not enough on creating a process that all developers -- regardless of their skill level, can follow. It's like we're building houses by asking someone who's built a house to help us, without a guide to follow. That's what causes the problems you're seeing, and that's why software projects over-budget, over-time and with more bugs than our stakeholders can tolerate.

Test Driven Development (TDD) can help you solve these problems, but it requires your team to change how they build software. TDD instills a process that, along with complementary patterns and practices, allows your team to build better software, faster.

I've seen and personally built software twice as fast using Test Driven Development, and I can help you and your team double your productivity.

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